Ee Upgrade Pay as You Go to Contract

As technology continues to progress, so does our dependence on it. This is especially true when it comes to our mobile devices. The need to stay connected, browse the internet, and access data on-the-go has led to an increase in data usage. With this in mind, mobile network providers are looking to offer plans that cater to different usage levels. One such plan is the EE upgrade from Pay As You Go to Contract. In this article, we`ll explore the features and benefits of upgrading to an EE contract plan.

What is EE?

EE is a British mobile network operator that provides both 4G and 5G services. They are known for their reliable network coverage and high-speed data connectivity. EE offers a range of contract plans to suit the different needs of their customers. Their plans come with unlimited texts and minutes and varying data allowances.

Why Upgrade to a Contract Plan?

Upgrading from Pay As You Go to a contract plan has several benefits. One of the main benefits is that contract plans tend to be more cost-effective. Pay As You Go plans may seem cheaper on the surface, but once you factor in the cost of data usage over time, a contract plan may end up being more affordable. Additionally, a contract plan provides a set amount of data for a fixed monthly cost, which allows for better budgeting of mobile expenses.

Another advantage of a contract plan is that it often comes with added benefits. For instance, EE`s contract plans offer free video streaming on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as free roaming in selected countries.

EE Upgrade from Pay As You Go to Contract

The EE upgrade from Pay As You Go to a contract plan is a simple process that can be completed online or in-store. Once the upgrade is complete, the customer will receive a new SIM card with an assigned phone number. The new SIM card will need to be activated, and the old Pay As You Go SIM will need to be replaced.

One thing to consider when upgrading to an EE contract plan is the duration of the contract. Most EE contract plans come with a 24-month commitment, which means that the customer will be tied to the plan for two years. However, if the customer wishes to end their contract early, they will be required to pay an early termination fee.


Upgrading from Pay As You Go to a contract plan is a smart move for anyone who uses their mobile phone frequently. With the added benefits of a contract plan, such as free roaming and video streaming, and the cost-effective nature of the plans, it`s a great option to consider. The EE upgrade from Pay As You Go to Contract is a simple process that can be completed online or in-store. It’s worth exploring the various contract plans available and deciding which one best suits your needs.

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